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Nill has been given the ability to project out her thoughts and feelings. This power allows her to show other people thoughts from her own mind and to project emotions outward so that they are felt by others. With practise, these abilities can be focused, but if she’s not paying attention she may broadcast her emotions/thoughts out to more than one intended recipient or completely unintentionally in times of heightened emotion. This power doesn’t enable her to access other peoples’ thoughts or experience their emotions.

With that said, I have a few permissions questions!

Are you comfortable with Nill communicating with your character by projecting her thoughts into their mind? This will be primarily a visual medium rather than a words-based thought transference, at least to begin with!

Are you comfortable with your character experiencing/being made empathically aware of Nill's emotions?
Does this still stand in heightened situations?
This may include things like stress/fear/severe anxiety/anger etc.

Are you comfortable with Nill purposefully using her empathic ability to attempt to steer your character's emotions? i.e sometimes if someone's stressed she'll do her best to precisely project her calm at them as loudly as possible to level out their mood etc.

Any other comments/questions wrt this power!


Nill's had a pretty terrible childhood and sometimes these things come into play in both introspection and, if the CR calls for it, conversation (/telempathic projection too in this case). Some of the themes that might be referenced in my tags include extreme violence, abduction, genetic experimentation, child slavery and child prostitution. If you are uncomfortable with reading tags containing mention of any of these, please let me know here and I'll avoid them when tagging with your character!

Thank you very kindly for your participation!
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hi! if you have any concerns/ideas/constructive criticism/whatever really!! for me, please feel free to leave it here and i'll get back to you on it a.s.a.p 8)
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